Second grade happenings...

posted Jan 22, 2017, 1:38 PM by Alexandra Arcuri
This past week in Second grade.....

We had fun on our Smartboard, reinforcing while playing math games. This week we focused on word problems. Pulling out important information, deciding on what strategy we were using, (adding or subtracting) and if it was a multi-step problem or not. 

Did you know that we love to write on our desks in dry erase markers?? So we used our desk twice this week!! First, we practiced our spelling words for the week, and then we had an amazing grammar lesson on adjectives. After completing the lesson I had each student write about the neighbor using adjectives to describe them. WOW!! Did they LOVE that! I saw a lot of smiles and heard a lot of giggles. 

In Science we continue to focus on solid, liquids, and gas. First, they wrote on individual index cards all of the items they could think of that would fit into these three categories. Then, they were grouped together and on construction paper re-wrote all of their ideas. Finally, using a poster board they drew and labeled all their examples. This project is on-going but, will be displayed in the classroom. Come by and visit during Catholic Schools weeks Open House on Sunday, 29th and take a peek! 

I have again posted a lot of this weeks highlights in our class photo link...take a look!