Second Grade Happenings

posted Dec 11, 2016, 3:46 PM by Alexandra Arcuri
This past week was busy. Our Kindness Elves have been keeping us bustling and reminding us that it is very important to be kind to others. Second grade has  given candy canes to preschool classes, read to another, given band new sharpened pencils to kindergarten, given smarties to the first grade to remind them how smart they are, and how they should keep working hard to get ready for second grade.
Finally, the Elves asked us to think about the adults that surround us daily at school. The teachers, and supporting staff at St.Leo's. They Elves asked us to make breakfast for all. They loved it! 
In math class, we have started a new concept. We are currently learning double digit addition without regrouping and this week we will be starting double digit math with regrouping. I have attached pictures of our fun day in math class. We wrote down and solved our double digit math problem on balloons. Once they solved the problems and were checked to make sure the answers were correct,  the kiddos had a choice to pop the balloon or take them home! It was a lot of fun!
We also had an assembly on Ocean awareness. I have attached pictures of the assembly on our class photo link. 
This upcoming week will be another busy one...we will be getting ready for our upcoming Christmas concert! So much excitement in the air!